Welcome to Oldlands, traveller!

Oldlands is an interactive fiction game about an aspiring Victorian explorer finding his (or her) feet upon the ancient, uncharted continent. Rumor has it that people used to dwell here in ancient times; starting with only the clothes on your back, an old compass and your trusty pith helmet, you must help colonize these lands yet again.

Fortunately, you're not completely alone in this monumental task. Nearby is a small camp where a few hardy pioneers have already settled, creating the first roots of civilization in Oldlands. Win their trust and lead expeditions into the unknown, discover treasure, fight monsters and learn about the Oldlands' dark past...

The game is being developed using Twine 2, and is currently in pre-alpha stage. Several early prototypes demonstrating some of the basic features and interface can be found below. A complete feature plan is in the works.

Stay tuned.