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Oldlands: Seven Ages is a world simulation game being developed in Twine. Select a random seed, let the game create a world and watch factions expand, gather resources, struggle for dominance, fight mythic beasts and live or die as the realm progresses from Age of Creation to medieval and later eras. Information is presented in a chronicle to go along with a tile-based graphical map.

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The game is loosely based on my older project, a forum game also called Oldlands, which can be found over at Bay12 Forums. Development started in August 2023, the current version is alpha 0.2.118, featuring a medieval environment with tribes, clans, kingdoms and mythic beasts. A feature plan includes more intricate world generation, more types of factions and events, and a variety of characters influencing history, including adventurers that you can control.

Changelog for 0.2.118 (16 Sep '23)

Changelog for 0.1.91 (10 Sep '23)

Stay tuned for updates.
Dmitri "Murphy" Kubasov

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